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Hi guys,

My fiancée has just joined DA this last week under duress. He's an amazing photographer but he's totally new at it and still really shy and doesn't think his work is good enough. As his significant other I beg to differ and I started to sell his work at my craft fairs. I sold a fair few so he's opened a DA account and created a website because of it.
I know this is a totally shameless plug but if you guys could just look at some of photos and give him some encouragement, show him real DA spirit, it will really boost his confidence.

Here is some of his photos (I might be doing some inspired paintings from them)

Other news I am planning another watcher feature as I've gotten some new watchers recently (Hi guys!) and some of their work is fab so stay tuned this next week :D...........
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Hi everyone! I'll be at Sunnycon 4 with a trader's table so come and say hi!
Sunnycon 4 is at The Pullman, Whitburn Road, Sunderland, SR6 8AA in the UK.
I'll be there all this weekend, well til it ends on Sunday lol.

I've attached images that will be for sale, originals, prints and postcards! I'll also be selling my unique jewellery, beaded bookmarks, bag charms and hair accessories. :D
Wish me luck!
Black Butler by Natashas-Artworks Alien by Natashas-Artworks Lady of the Night Sky by Natashas-Artworks Skull Girl by Natashas-Artworks Disney's Jasmine by Natashas-Artworks Disney's Ariel by Natashas-Artworks Game of Disney Elsa/Daenerys by Natashas-Artworks Pink Swirls by Natashas-Artworks Game of Disney Aurora/Cersei and John Smith/Jaime by Natashas-Artworks
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Hi Guys!

I kept coming across deviants who were featuring their watchers and I thought it was such a fab idea!
Soooooooooo... here's a feature dedicated to you guys!
I've had a quick look through everyone's galleries and faved one image I thought was mint to include in the list below. I have to say it was hard picking one image for each person so I've decided to do it every now and again as there's just so much nice artwork out there amongst you guys. I've so chuffed you guys watch me, means a lot :D I'm so lucky!Love 
I hope I haven't missed anyone out! If I have let me know and I will fix it lol :D
Thanks so much everybody!!!

P.s. I have lots of work to upload in the next week of different styles so please bare with!

Regal by Mike-the-dabbler Silverleaf and Rel by Cartoon-boom Mew Gijinka by Flairs-Crimson-Moon Cake(mum) by Celldweller797 + LCE + Little Princesses + by AngedeCristal

Death by Deyee WolfNeither the devil's helper,
neither a free rebelious spirit,
fighting for his quarry
against the human being
or even embedding his teeth
into muscle tissue
of the two-legged hunter...
From a shadow slipping past
the trees from a distant forest
he was changed into
a pseudohuman pop star.
He glitters with the colors of the rainbow,
which sows the seeds on his fur,
he grins with deciduous teeth to showcase.
He won't hurt neither a hare
with depression in his eyes,
neither an armed man,
neither a doe letting
a dead fawn fall on the forest glade.
He takes little wildcats from the trees,
he leads grandmas through a street,
he gets moved, while he watches "The Notebook".
A beautiful forest creature,
arising from out of the way place,
laid itself down near the old oak,
where it hid its old body.
It won't chase the human away,
even if it had a will for it,
cause he was the one, who drove it
into a trap shining like a vampire.
Safari Ride: Zebras 2/4 by OrangeIsForMe Sneezy Finally Gets His Wish! One Moment of 4Ever! by ColorGuardSweetHeart Land Dragon by Tiamatus

Batman and Joker by radarlove413 frogger by adamspong2015<da:thumb id="518302023"/> Elsa from Disney's Frozen Drawing by nickelbackloverxoxox

Merida - Black Widow by JOSGUI<da:thumb id="382227225"/> Disney's The Wild Swans (2004) (Arianna) Makeover by Hillygon Portrait Experiment by mtman318 Laminated Critters: Lovey Dragon by Ralola

Lulu by Big-Dango-Family My Mermaids by chelleface90 Masquerade Flora 1 by Marlene-Cooper MAGIC by 1angel0wings1

Pochuma the Pachirisu by Wanda92 Happy Easter Day to all!!! by FezMangaka W.I.T.C.H. by Verismaya Apryl Flowers by Blueberries-in-July Kristanna Finished by YourLittleMonkey

Sweet Tooth by StrawberrySunflowers Chasing Rabbits by PieChan34-Creations Water Lily by Bookworm-Ninja
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Hi there!

Just thought I'd give my watchers (thanks so much love all of you for your support) a heads up with what is planned without giving too much away....

Not in any particular order:

Couple of more Game of Disney pictures
Another Breaking Disney picture
Owl painting (according to the poll)
Another train painting (hey I like trains! and don't get me started on fishing boats...)
Manga ladies paintings and drawings (I just need to tweak and scan these)
Request for Pocahontas and John Smith with their pokemon by Wanda92

I flit about so much!!! so everything is started/half done! Epic fail lol.

Anyhow, thanks for watching!!!
Any suggestions? They are always welcome :D :D
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Soooooo this is my first journal entry! No pressure lol
Anyhow, I create/ make art and craft items in my spare time.  I have lots of different interests, styles, techniques so my galleries on here will always be varied. I'm also a bit of a magpie and will collect lots of random art especially anything shiny!
I would appreciate all comments, help, tips and just general know-how as I try to get to grips with DA.
Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my page,

Natasha :)